December 05, 2009

Collections of Arab Desserts

Balah Alshyam


  • Water                :    1 Ltr
  • Corn oil                :    4 Ltrs
  • All purpose flour        :    800 grms
  • Whole Eggs            :    2 Nos
  • Salt                :    20 grms
  • Sugar                :    3 kgms
  • Whole lemon            :     1


Boil water with salt, add 200 ml oil and add flour, keep on stirring for about 25 minutes. Take off from the fire and keep for cool. Put in a pastry mixing machine with bubble whisk and whip the dough by adding eggs little by little. Keep aside.

Put the rest of the oil on fire in a deep frying pan. Make sure the oil is not yet hot put off fire. Then put the dough in a piping bag with 14 No. star nozzle. Pipe and cut the batter to required length and put in the cold oil.Then put on fire and fry until golden brown and crispy and then add sugar syrup. Serve with powdered pistachio garnished.

N B:- Preparation of Sugar syrup: Boil sugar and water in 2:1 ratio .ie.3 klo sugar,1 ½ ltr water keep on fire in a big sauce pan. Add a pinch of saffron , 1 tsp of cardamon powder and sliced lemon.

This kind of sugar syrup is used for different kinds of Arab Sweets

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