December 22, 2009

Kuwaiti Salads

Eggplant Fattah

Eggplants (mid sized cubes)              :    2 pcs

Rocket leaves (Gergeer in Arabic)    :    4 Cups (without stems)

Lemon Juice                                     :    1 Tbsp

Canned white chick peas                  :    1 can

Pomegranate                                    :    3 Cups

Summak (for garnishing)                   :    1 Tbsp

Dressing Ingredients:

Yogurt                                             :    3 Cups

Olive Oil                                          :    ¼ Cup

Lemon Juice                                     :    2 Tbsp

Vinegar                                            :    1 Tbsp

Salt                                                  :    A pinch


Fry the eggplant and arrange in the bottom of a serving plate, pour lemon juice over it. Cover with the layers of chick peas, rocket leaves, pomegranate, then pour the dressing over it.

Garnish with Summak and pomegranate.

This is a nutritious rich salad among Arabs
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